This is an extract from the Statute for the the International Pilgrimage of Catholic Tradition for foreign pilgrims. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and adhere to them during the pilgrimage. We encourage all foreign pilgrims to take ensigns of their country, region or city (the choice is at their discretion). We wish you a blessed time during the pilgrimage!

3.Pilgrims are in particular obliged to:

  1. Respect the Rules, adhere to the commands of the spiritual guardians, the Rules Enforcement Service (duties: discipline oversight), the Traffic Service (duties: directing traffic), the Medical Service (duties: first aid), the Transport Service (duties: transport of luggage), the Quartermaster (duties: organization of accommodation).
  2. Take part in the life of the Pilgrimage through: attending the Holy Mass, reception of the sacraments, taking part in common prayers and singing, listening to the conferences, keeping silence during sacred silence and willingly carrying the Pilgrimage Cross, boards, flags, loudspeaker and other things.
  3. Dress neatly, according to their sex (women cannot wear trousers) and respecting Christian modesty, i.e.: the clothes cannot be tight or see-through, a shirt or t-shirt has to have at least a short sleeve (neckline in case of women – moderate, if any), at least knee-length trousers, skirt or dress — below knee.
  4. Wear the Pilgrimage Badge in a visible place and have the Pilgrim’s Card with them.
  5. Maintain tidiness on stop and accommodation places (rubbish may be thrown away in designated places only).
  6. Not to smoke, or at least, if it is impossible, do it as rarely as possible, always discreetly and far away from Pilgrims and other people.
  7. Not to buy, take with them or drink alcohol. The only exception is, when staying with their hosts during accommodation, but always with temperance. A Pilgrim who seems to have overused alcohol may be removed from the Pilgrimage.
  8. Not to use a mobile phone during the march.

4.March and stops

  1. During the march, Pilgrims form a marching column, whose beginning is marked by the Pilgrimage Cross and whose end is marked by the board with the words “the end of the marching column” (“koniec kolumny pieszej” in Polish).
  2. It is forbidden to walk before the Pilgrimage Cross or behind the board with the words “koniec kolumny pieszej”.


  1. It is forbidden for women to be accommodated with men in one place. Except for the case, when it is possible for a family with small children to be accommodated together.
  2. Night silence starts at 10 p.m. and ends one hour before the sung Holy Mass.

6.Depositing and collecting luggage

  1. Pilgrims deposit their luggage for transport in the morning, after the end of the sung Holy Mass. Luggage should be deposited as quickly as possible, not right before the start of the march.
  2. Luggage cannot be accessed during the day.
  3. In the evening, Pilgrims collect their luggage from the start of the supper. It is not possible to leave any luggage for night in the luggage car.
  4. The Transport Service does not maintain any liability for luggage not collected in the evening.
  5. Luggage is received and returned to the Pilgrim by the Transport Service.
  6. It is forbidden for a Pilgrim to load the luggage and take it from the car on his own.

7.Final provisions

  1. The Organizer, any member of the Rules Enforcement Service, the Traffic Service, the Medical Service or the Transport Service does not maintain liability for any damage incurred by the Pilgrims as a result of a failure to comply with the Rules.
  2. A binding interpretation of the Rules is made by the Pilgrimage Supervisor or a priest mandated by him.

8.The Spiritual Group

  1. The Spiritual Group of the Pilgrimage is a part of the Pilgrimage. It constitutes of the persons who, for whatever reason, do not go on the Pilgrimage, but are willing to participate in the spiritual graces of the Pilgrimage.
  2. Everyone who wills and whose confessor agrees may take part in the Spiritual Group.
  3. Spiritual Group participants connect spiritually in prayer and penance with Pilgrims being on their way, through daily practicing of pious exercises (prayer, ascesis and penance) in the days of the Pilgrimage.
  4. The pious exercises have to be agreed upon with the confessor.